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  • The Royal Mint

    The Royal Mint is responsible for making and distributing UK coinage. It is in fact the world's leading export mint making coins and blanks for over 60 countries. In addition, it produces military and civilian medals both for governments across the globe and for private clients.

    The Royal Mint has a tradition of excellence and craftsmanship which has evolved over the centuries, with its modern collector coins being much sought after throughout the world. The Royal Mint is a national treasure.
  • What are Commemorative coins?

    Every year The Royal Mint commemorates special events, anniversaries or celebrations by developing themes and issuing commemorative coins to mark them. Examples include themes such as the 100 year anniversaries of the First World War, the honouring of people such as Sir Isaac Newton and Steven Hawking and the recognition of the creations of British iconic characters such as Wallace & Gromit & The Snowman.

    2018 saw almost 200 individual coins launched across approximately 30 themes. These coins are a unique and valuable collectible or gift suitable for all generations.

  • Do the commemorative coins have any value?

    This is a question that is asked all the time. To summarise, there are generally two types of coins

    1) Circulating coins
    Circulating coins are produced and designed to be spent and traded at businesses and banks.

    2) Commemorative coins
    Commemorative coins are produced primarily to be a gift or a collectible.

    As set out by law, all UK coins (commemorative or circulating) made by The Royal Mint are classed as "Legal Tender". The definition of Legal Tender is coins (or banknotes) that must be accepted if offered in payment of a debt or to meet a financial obligation.

    Then within the definition of "Legal Tender", we also have the variation "Not Circulating Legal Tender" (NCLT). The definition of Not Circulating Legal Tender is that banks and building societies are not obliged to accept them if offered in payment of a debt or to meet a financial obligation. However, they can be used for the payment of a debt or a financial obligation in the court of law.

    So yes, commemorative coins have a legal tender value, but only definitely in the court of law.

    Please note that there are also "Medals" made by The Royal Mint (which may look like coins) but they are not in any form, legal tender.

  • What are the different types of coins?

    There are two different types of finishes on commemorative coins

    1) Brilliant Uncirculated
    Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) coins are intended as an entry-level collectible coin or as the perfect affordable gift for someone looking to mark a special year or event. Their RRP usually starts at around £10. The coins are struck to a superior quality to those that you will find in your loose change and they are often presented with a fold out booklet packed with historical information and photos which then bring the coin to life. As a result, they are worth significantly more than just the face value of the "circulating" coin.

    2) Proof Quality (usually Silver or Gold)
    This is the highest possible minting standard and quality produced by The Royal Mint. Coins are struck up to three times to ensure a distinctive frosted finish to the design against a mirror-like background. Many of the themes commemorated by the Royal Mint are made available in Silver Proof, Silver Proof Piedfort (see below) or Gold Proof. Along with the quality of the finish, proof coins are often struck in lower numbers (the mintage) and are accompanied by a certificate, display box and information booklet making them more in demand and highly collectable. Proof coins from The Royal Mint are renowned throughout the world as the pinnacle of the minter's art.

    There is then also a different size of coin

    3) The Piedfort Coin
    Usually reserved for when a new coin is issued, Piedfort coins are double the weight and thickness of the standard Proof versions, and therefore contain twice the amount of the metal. Their mintages are always low and along with being truly stunning pieces, are highly sought-after amongst collectors. The word 'Piedfort' (pee-ay-for) is of French origin and can be translated as 'heavy measure'.

  • What is the opportunity in selling Royal Mint Coins?
    • Royal Mint commemorative coins are a very desirable quality collectable or gift and the range is a unique and high end product offering.
    • Royal Mint products are renowned for their quality and they have a loyal base of customers and collectors.
    • Demand for Commemorative Coins is continually growing. Furthermore, with social media awareness, the coins are now also appealing to a wider audience. Therefore, offering the ranges provide an additional and an increasingly popular revenue stream.
    • Ranges are available in different formats at different prices to cater for all types of customers and to suit all budgets.
    • Given the requirement to be associated with the right type of retailer, the coins are not easily available on the High Street.
    • Customers prefer to purchase such products, especially the high value ones, from a retail outlet as opposed to online as they can see and feel the product and can also save money on postage charges.
    • If you are a retailer with a vested interest in a particular theme, there may be ranges of coins directly related to that theme being launched which would be a fantastic and unique addition to your current offering.
  • How do I assess if I have a market for the coins?

    If you are new to selling coins, we recommend looking for the following which may help you decide if you have a market:

    • Do you have tourists coming into your store?
    • Do you know if you have a local collectors market? Why not ask some of your customers if they are coin collectors? We've had retailers who were pleasantly surprised that they had coin collectors living close by to their stores.
    • Are you renowned for offering valuable gifts or collectables?
    • Does your retail area lend itself to selling valuable gifts or collectables?
    • Are you in an area where customers would purchase a high value brand of gift?
    • Are you renowned for offering memorabilia for specific themes already?
    • Do you have a captive online audience?

    At the end of it all, what we tell retailers is to try. With a small investment, you may be pleasantly surprised to uncover a market you didn't think existed.

    Experience to date has shown that this is definitely the type of product where once you develop a reputation for selling it, you should get a loyal customer base who will keep returning to your store. We supply into the sub post office network and we have many accounts that have started small and then grown their commemorative coin offerings.

  • How do I place an order?

    Once you are set up, you will be able to place an order by Post, Phone, Fax, E-mail or through this website. Full details and all our Terms and Conditions of Sale can be found with the Account Application Form.

  • Is there a minimum order for free delivery and where do you deliver?

    We deliver to any retailer or distributor located in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland. For the majority of postcodes in the UK, the minimum order value for free delivery for Royal Mint coins is £150 excluding VAT. If the minimum order value is not reached, a charge of £7.50+VAT will be applied for delivery.

    For other far-reaching postcodes, the minimum order value for free delivery is £300 excluding VAT. If the minimum order value for these postcodes is not reached, a charge of £15.00+VAT will be applied for delivery.

  • How do I open an account?

    To open an account, you will need to fill in:

    1) a Prospective Account Holder Form and 2) an Account Application Form and send them back to us. On the back of the Account Application Form are our abbreviated Terms & Conditions of Sale containing all information on how to trade with us. We will then review your application and if successful, we will then ask you to sign up to 3) The Royal Mint's Guidelines and Conduct Agreement and any other agreements that may be required as stipulated by The Royal Mint.

    As you can imagine, The Royal Mint has stringent guidelines for the representation of their brand and their products.

    Once received back, we will open your account and get you up and running.

    Completed forms can be sent by email to:, by fax to: 01923 639888 or by post to: The Collector's Trove, Unit C, 126 Rickmansworth Road. Watford. Herts. WD18 7WR.

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